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My life is not that much different then anyone else, I do not have that many interests that would make me more special or meaningful then another.  I am a wife, a mother, a woman.  I have various passions and once called writing among the top of them.  Perhaps here I can resurrect that.  And after all, when you bring something back from the dead, it looks completely different.

Sarah’s Rant first started way back in…well it’s been quite a few years… When the internet was really in it’s infancy and blogs were unheard of. So when I hear blog something cringes, because I was ranting then, not blogging. My rants centered around hockey and various other things that caught my attention. However it’s main theme was about hockey. I met a lot of people through this article. It helped us get an official spot as the website for our local hockey team. Lots of good memories there.

Anyway, I’m reinventing my rant. This time it is about whatever I want and not hockey. This time I have a few more things to say about life in general. Read at your own risk because I was always brutally honest.  Some like to tell me I still am.

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