Gone bananas

I love bananas, green bananas that is.  I just can’t stand them when they get mushy and brown and super sweet.  So when you buy yourself some nice organic bananas and they become brown too quick what’s a girl to do?  Make banana bread.  Ok, so it’s not the best thing for me right now being a bit high on the blood sugars, but I can share it with others and the rest of the family can still eat it.  The added bonus is I control the whole grain goodness and sugars I add into the bread.

I followed the Nourishing Traditions recipe, though I swapped out the maple syrup in favor of coconut sugar and only used 1/4 C.  I believe I added an extra banana too, just to get rid of what I had.  Oh and I added almonds, because I didn’t have pecans on hand.  Though personally pecans would be my first choice.

yogurt_speltFor starters I took my whole organic spelt berries and freshly ground them.  I then presoaked them in my yogurt to get rid of the phytic acid and increase the amount of nutrient absorption.  You really want to presoak your grains, they become more easily digestible and you release nutrients that are otherwise locked away.  You want to soak them in some sort of acidic medium.  My typical choice is my own homemade yogurt. It gives your grains a wonderful sour taste much like sourdough.  Making yogurt is really so simple it’s worth your time and effort and easier on your wallet.  Alton Brown has excellent instructions on the foodnetwork.com website if you are interested.  He did a show specifically on yogurt


and really showcased this wonderful food.  I omit the powdered milk and honey, no real need for it, plus I don’t want the poor quality of powdered milk when I’m using good quality milk.  However you can experiment with your own flavors as well.  I use a Yogourmet thermometer for making my yogurt, it’s just wonderful!  For an excellent article and instructions on pre-soaking your grains click here.

Yes it does take some getting used to when you start pre-soaking your grains for consumption.  The texture is different, the taste is different, there is more time involved (though it’s usually just time waiting for the soaking process).  The health benefits outweigh all that though.  I find I enjoy the process myself.  I started with easy things like pancakes.  My family just loves them and you can’t beat the rich good flavor of freshly ground grains!  I have made buckwheat, spelt, oat pancakes.  I have made my own Runza’s with a yogurt dough.  Plus I can feel good about what I feed my family.  I can’t say enough about it, try it out today I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.



  1. Jessica Says:

    I need to save up for a bottle that’s for sure! Thanks for the tip – I ingest it, right? LOL.
    Beautiful pics, and I love how you made your bread. Looks better than mine did, but I used a bread machine lol :) I think all mine had in it was freshly ground whole wheat flour, bananas, maybe and egg, and some baking powder… I don’t remember though.
    Hope you’re feeling better these days!

  2. S. E. Clark Says:

    You’re talking about “ingesting” the coconut oil right? I know it can be kind of expensive but it just has so many good health benefits it’s worthwhile to get. I know you’re getting some in your coconut butter too though. Try Azure Standard, they have pretty good prices for coconut oil. I put mine in my smoothies, yum! I use it for a lot of cooking and even spread it on my bread (which I don’t have as much these days).

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