28 Weeks

It’s possible I only have about 10 more weeks to go. I delivered at 37 weeks last time. At 28 weeks you do your typical blood glucose test where you drink a nasty orange crush type of drink. It’s sickening and sweet and you do it in the morning. For someone who doesn’t drink pop and usually stays away from most intense sweets this is just sickening. I went into this test with much trepidation, but more preparation at least. I walked off what I could of the sugars and drank water, water, water. My midwife told me not to worry and that we wouldn’t even talk about the test results until next appointment.

As a matter of fact my midwife has at every step told me not to worry, to enjoy my time and relax. This is an amazing difference and just what I need to hear. I had an absolutely clean appointment with her. Measuring at exactly 28 weeks, blood pressure of 110/60, weight good (20 pounds over my normal weight), baby’s heartbeat good, everything was great. However drawing two vials of blood and drinking 50 gm of glucose left me woozy and in need of someone else to drive me.

I have been in pain these last 3 weeks with my hip being completely out of place. However I am now seeing a new Chiropractor that specializes in pre-natal care. She is also going to be my Doula and I just love her. I would highly recommend to anyone who cannot have a home birth option or a midwife to hire a doula. Of course finding the right fit is very important as well. The one that I have found is great and I have the added advantage of seeing her for the next weeks until I deliver as my chiropractor. I am eager to hear what she will prescribe me for my health as far as supplements and exercises!  The greatest “feel-good” emotion I have come away with today is that the birth itself will probably cost us only $1,700.  Factor in the doula expense, the hot tub to rent, extra chiropractic care, maybe some accupuncture and massage and we’re still talking about 4k less then we spent last time.  All that and a healthier pregnancy to boot?  Who wouldn’t choose this option if they could?

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  1. Jessica Says:

    people in nebraska where homebirth is illegal :(
    so frustrating!
    but im soooo happy for you. i hope the chiro/doula can fix your hip pain sweety!

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