Ready to blow out the candles

Yesterday my daughter turned 3. It was a quiet day for the family with Sloane eagerly waiting for birthday cake. She was a bit crabby in the afternoon as she was woken early from her nap by our neighbor working on his car. It’s been a tough week for the 3 of us. Sloane has tried our patience, I have been in pain, and Adam has had his own worries. So I approached her birthday with slightly more trepidation and less joy.

Today I will most likely have a needed break from her though as she got some new “kitchen” presents that keep her completely occupied. It gives me the chance to continue to dwell on what ran through my head yesterday. Namely what happened three years ago…


Dr. Evil

Life was vastly different, I was not pregnant with a toddler to take care of as well for one. I was recovering from childbirth and hooked up to magnesium, IV and catheter. I could not move out of bed nor did I have the ability to even hold Sloane. The magnesium had taken away most of my reflexes and control. My eyes were puffy and I could hardly see. Everything became increasingly foggy. I was in a different world and in awe of finally having a baby. A baby that came three weeks early so their was still that shock too.

We still mulled over a middle name for this new girl. I was sure we were having a boy. I was unsure of the name Sloane, simply because it’s so different, yet I loved it. I ignored the fact that she had to have some tests for her kidneys and eventually we would have to take care of that. I was just trying to survive the hospital.

Life had changed for Adam and I. We had more purpose and something tangible was knitting us closer together then ever before. He was my hero as he helped me through the 3 hours of pushing and pain and frustration. He was my only encouragement and without him there I would have given up. I never yelled at him. We never took “childbirth classes” to learn what to do. Every step, every inch of the way he was by my side. He advocated to get me off the magnesium, he fought for me, he loved me, he was hero that day and the days following. Our relationship had forever changed and now we were three.


  1. Jessica Says:

    That is amazing Sarah! You have been through so much. I hope you have a great birthing experience this time.

  2. Angie Says:

    Love this.

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