32 Weeks

It feels like forever since I have written, I’ve started drafts and just as quickly let them go or forgotten them. I’ve started rants in my head only to never sit down in front of a computer to type anything, hardly even a quick email. I haven’t really been busy, but I haven’t been slow either. I am enjoying my life now at 32 weeks along and not feeling pressure to do anything.

We have enjoyed the company of friends and some family while in Omaha and back home for our brief visits as well.  It takes a lot out of me to travel back home for a few days and have to pack a few things and turn around and repack to come back to the apartment.  My stamina is waning as is my momentum.  My daughter now walks faster then I can in most cases.  I have two months left if I am lucky.  My body feels it and is rebelling at most movements and bends.  I am feeling like a beached whale who cannot hardly even roll over.

I had my midwife appointment finally after missing for two weeks.  Most of my concern had to do with the diabetes and the issue with my blood sugars being at least 10 points too high.  She wasn’t happy that they were higher, but she wasn’t upset either.  I was told they weren’t high enough to warrant the risk of medication.  Good thing I guess as I don’t really want to be on medication anyway.  However it’s hard to be 100% good while in Omaha when I am not cooking all the time.  Let’s face it I do crave something sweet for me every once in awhile.  But Baby is measuring at exactly 32 weeks, I’ve only gained 2 more pounds since my last appointment, putting me at 127, I weighed 105 before pregnancy.  Blood pressure continues to fall.  Baby is no longer head up but head down all ready to be born.  I’m still having issues with hips being completely out of place, but we’re working on that.  Swelling is staying at bay for the most part, unlike last time.

Nori_SloaneThe weather is beautiful and I am enjoying my time for the most part.  I can’t begin to explain the peace I have felt as I step outside in the cool low 70 degree weather.  Just how light I feel and free from cares.  Sloane and I sat down the other night on the couch before she went to bed and snuggled.  Priceless memories.  She wanted to feel baby and she kept her hand on my belly the entire time.  Watched it with wonder.  Looked at me with smiles.  She would put her head on my shoulder and shared her “babies” and Chickie blanket.  The blanket she has inherited from me, mine when I was a child given to me by my aunt.  These are moments I will cherish and remember forever.  Our 3 year old daughter completely recognizing that there was a life inside of me to cherish and be excited about.  These are days that make my heart glad and are praise-worthy.

Until next time…which will be to share a yummy dish I have created with coconut milk, mango, shrimp, cabbage and brown rice.  Sound yummy?  Oh yes, it is to die for!



  1. Jessica Says:

    What a precious pic, Sarah! I love it. How long does it normally take for labor to start once the head turns down?

  2. S. E. Clark Says:

    Well it really just depends on so many factors. I’m still only at 33 weeks so realistically I hope I don’t go this early. Though it can happen. Sloane was born at 37 weeks. Anytime before 37 weeks and your baby is considered preemie. You should read this article at Keeper of the Home about her most recent home birth. It’s very fascinating!

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