Back home for two days and one night. Naptime in the Tempur-Pedic and I am reminded why we bought this thing. Why it’s one of the few pieces of furniture we have actually splurged on and made payments on. Yes it is that good. Sleep tonight should be better. Definitely a nap tomorrow too. I will get my time’s worth in it while I can before going back to Omaha.

Cindy_20090610_0354I had forgotten how well my hips do in my own bed. The pain I have been in the last few days has been sharp. Tomorrow I get another adjustment though and I just love Tammy. A massage would be one step closer to some relief, but I already have 3 appointments and a trip to Picket Fence Creamery to make it too. Too much in one day. Not to mention dinner with fabulous Cindy!

She makes cakes that are to die for. I literally mean to die for. She made the cake for my friends wedding and we are doing her website for her. I can’t post that yet as it’s not done.  Her business is Outside the Lines, because she is truly outside of Cindy_20090610_0218the ordinary when it comes to her creations.  She said she was going to make us a strawberry mouse cake Monday night, very similar to this raspberry one pictured.  Brownie crust, white chocolate mouse with a raspberry/strawberry floating center and then as you can see berries and chocolate ganache on top.  Who could ask for more?

Yesterday I made a Deep Dark Chocolate Tart courtesy of The Nourishing Gourmet.  I made a blackberry reduction to go with it, sweetened with some stevia and maple syrup.  It was rich and heavy but absolutely wonderful.  I have half of in the freezer and maybe at a later date I will take some pictures.  The only thing I would change is cut the crust recipe in half so there’s less crust.  I think it would be good with a ganache type layer on top or maybe a white chocolate layer or sour cream layer to cut the richness of the chocolate.  It’s a winner and super simple to make so try it out!

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