Moving Day

Well here I am, it’s 7:35 in the morning and nobody in my house is awake yet, except for myself and the cat.  We are realistically only halfway packed, but the last of what we are going to do won’t be too tough and today won’t be anything but unpacking when we do get to Omaha.  Settling in and taking stock of our new home for a month.  My biggest dilemma has really been that I would like to bring our cat, but my husband doesn’t want to.  Which leaves my brother to take care of her and I believe he’s reluctant at best.  My conscience bothers me with that one, but what can I do now?  I hate forcing anything on someone, especially as it was most recently done to me and I remember how I reacted to that feeling.

I am not looking forward to a 2 hour drive with a sore back.  I am thinking ice packs might be my saving grace today.  I just got my adjustment yesterday so I am still very sore.  Well today should be interesting and maybe a bit exciting, but I’m already tired from a bad night of sleep.  Perhaps I bit off more then I could chew, but we were going to keep the family together at all costs.

Ohh, I hear little feet running around upstairs…it’s time to get moving this morning.

See you in Omaha!

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  1. Jessica Says:

    Can’t wait to see you! <3

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