I just finished up my most recent batch of beet kvass.  This is mostly a medicinal tonic, rather then a tasty beverage.  Beets have many many good qualities and beetschopping them up, adding some good quality sea salt and whey, fill with filtered water then let it sit out for 2 days to begin the lacto-fermenting that brings out the nutrients to the forefront.  It’s great for digestion, for the blood, and for the liver.  Beets are used in Europe for the treatment of cancer.  The Romans used it as a treatment for fever and constipation and they considered it an aphrodisiac.  Beetroot juice is also supposed to help lower blood pressure.  If you don’t much like the taste of beets, you probably won’t much like the taste of kvass.  It’s salty and earthy and I love it.


Kvass is a Russian beverage, originally made with sourdough rye bread and fermented, though not alcoholic like you might be thinking.  It has a short shelf life as it can quickly become TOO fermented!  Beer anyone?  Beet kvass is often used in Borscht.  Kombucha is also from Russia, but that is a post for another day.

So mine is still sitting out finishing up it’s fermenting process before I transfer it to the refrigerator and start drinking it.  I am eager to start because I’ve been out for a few weeks and I miss the taste.  I try to drink it morning and night, but usually only make it to 4 ounces or so in the morning.  Once I’m done with all the liquid in the bottle I fill it up with more filtered water and start drinking it all over again.

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